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Sioux is not even a word

By Stacy Makes Good Ta Kola Cou Ota (Has Many Friends) Oglala Lakota Tatanka Oyate Stacy Makes Good Ta Kola Cou Ota (Has Many Friends) Oglala Lakota

"Sioux is not even a word?" It's a partial word, a slang word; Sioux comes from two words."Nadowessi" comes from the Chippewa's and "Oux" comes from the French. The two words were put together is "Nadowessioux." Sioux has no meaning in either the Chippewa or French language.

"Nadowessi" is the main word; "Oux" is like when you put the "s" on the end of a word to make it plural or two things (a suffix). It's like, one little serpent, you say "Nadowessi"; to say two little serpents, you put the "oux" on (Nadowessi-oux) or like adding the suffix (s) to the end of serpent. "Nadowessi(oux)" is like saying two little serpent(s).

"Nadowessi" means little serpent; "Nadowessioux" means two little serpents; "Sioux" is a slang word meaning little devils or demons. Nadowessi refers to the Ojibwa Nation; Nadowessioux refers to the Ojibwa Nation and the Dakota Tribe; Sioux refers to the Dakota Tribe. Later the US government stuck the Lakota and Nakota Tribe in this word Sioux.

The original translation for Sioux is serpent; it can also be translated viper, adder or snake. The Natives didn't understand these words, but they knew snake, so instead of the original words, snake was used as the translation.

Serpent is one of the names for Lucifer (Wakansica), like Satan or the Devil is. Vipers, adders, snakes or serpents are some of the names for Lucifer's devils or demons.

This word did not and does not come from the Lakota, Dakota or Nakota.

Oglala Lakota Oyate is a proper name not Oglala Sioux Tribe. Tatanka Oyate (Buffalo Nation) or Oceti Sakowin (Seven council fires) is our proper name not Sioux Nation.

This is part one, the translation and meaning of Sioux. Next week will be the origin and history.

In all sincerity and no malice or delude of heart.

Makes Good is a Marine veteran, retired rodeo rider, travels the pow wow circuit, artist, comic strip artist and enjoys spending time with his family. His pet peeve is non-tribal members acting like Lakota medicine men and sundance leaders. He is from Allen, S.D.

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