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Further discussion of 'Sioux'

Stacy Makes Good Ta Kola Cou Ota (Has Many Friends) Oglala Lakota

Sioux is a derogatory slang word that means devil. Serpent is the original word for "sioux" but was mistranslated as snake. Nadowessioux is two words Nadowessi and Oux (Nadowessioux). The slang word sioux comes from (Nadowes sioux).

This word serpent comes from the Roman Catholic Church. Back when the Catholics first got started every one that wasn't Catholic was considered a child of Lucifer (Wakansica, Satan, the Devil, Serpent etc…). When you get called a serpent they aren't talking about your physical body, their talking about your Spirit, character, personality who you are as a human being.

The first people called serpents were the Protestant Churches.

In 1521 a man named Martin Luther broke away from the Catholics (the start of all Christian denominations). The Catholic Church was the prominent religion when America first got started.

All the Native tribes and members that didn't accept the Catholic Church was called serpents or snakes (devils).

The Natives didn't have a word for serpent the close as they came was snake, in the Christian Churches if you didn't accept them you're called a sinner which means; missed the mark. So serpent originated from the Catholics.

Make no mistake this derogatory slang word "Sioux", translated serpents or snake, means one thing "devil" and their talking about your spirit, not your body.

You're calling yourself a devil and saying Satan (Wakansica) is you're God, when you say I'm a Sioux.

You're not a devil (Sioux)! You're a Lakota, Dakota or Nakota (Ally).

In all sincerity and with no malice or delude of heart.

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