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Creighton University helps Red Cloud students with college preparatory work

PINE RIDGE - While college students across the country head for the beaches or the ski slopes, a group of students from Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska, took a break from their studies to help Native American students gain a competitive edge in their college preparatory work.

As part of the Lakota Immersion-Mentor Program with Creighton, students from the university spent time with students at Red Cloud Indian School. The program is a collaboration between the two schools, which pairs high school students with college students to advise on the steps required for making higher education a reality.

Throughout the week, Creighton students work diligently with the high school juniors, assisting them in beginning the college admissions and scholarship application process. The students also offer presentations and one-on-one meetings about how to decide what college is the right "fit," and what to expect once additional schooling begins. This year, the group also reviewed 19 students' applications for the prestigious Bill and Melinda Gates Millennium Scholarship, offering advice on how the students might improve upon their submissions.

Red Cloud alumni and current Creighton students Chante Knight and Vern Pino, both Gates Millennium Scholars, accompanied the group.

"Red Cloud really helped me to get where I am today, and I feel this program is the best way that I can give back to the school and the Pine Ridge community," says Knight. "I hope the students are encourage to go for their dreams. If I can help them in any way, I'm grateful to do so."

The Lakota Immersion- Mentor Program has been instrumental in the past, with routine visits between the students happening throughout the year.

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