2009-09-22 / Headlines

Kyle Subway Opens Wednesday

By Tom Crash - Times Correspondent

KYLE - A new business has come to town in Kyle. Wednesday, the Kyle Subway officially opens its doors in the Lakota Trade Center, the Lakota Funds corporate center on the east side of town.

"After finding success with our Pine Ridge Subway, we decided to expand and open another Subway in Kyle, the home of the Little Wound Mustangs," said Bob Ecoffey who with his wife Darlene opened their first Pine Ridge Subway back on Aug. 27, 2008. and was named September Business of the Month by the Pine Ridge Area Chamber of Commerce.

"Subways are not tied to a specific population number like McDonald's restaurants are, we are looking at about 7,900 people in Kyle and surrounding area-Subway has about 30,000 restaurants worldwide, second to McDonalds."

The new Subway opens for business at 10am Wednesday with a 1,300 square foot facility that seats 28 and will be open 10an to 10pm seven days a week. The new restaurant in Kyle will have 15 employees, Bob or Darlene will be on hand while local managers are trained.

"Sure we are about building a successful business but we are creating local jobs along the way," said Ecoffey,"we have had a lot of community support, in Pine Ridge we have four of our original 15 or 16 workers so we are always training new workers; if Kyle proves as successful as we think it will be, we'll look at expanding again. We have established these two new businesses with business loans, no grants."

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