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"Healing the Sacred Child through the Spirit of the Horse" one day workshop will be held on October 8th, 2009 at the Pennington County Event Center located at the Central States Fairgrounds in Rapid City South Dakota. The workshop is sponsored by the Medicine Wheel Model to Natural Horsemanship®, Lame Deer, Montana and Tiwahe Wiconzani Pi kte - Wakanyeja Pawicayapi, Inc. (The Children First) Equine Assisted Therapy Program based in Porcupine South Dakota. This workshop held in conjunction with the He Sapa Wacipi na Oskata, will kick off the weekend activities.

The Sacred, Beautiful Horse has been an integral part of Native Culture since the beginning of time. Today more than ever there is a great need to re-introduce our youth, back to their traditional life-ways to help them deal with the issues of alcohol & drug abuse, gang violence, increasing suicide rates, and the effects of poverty.

The healing powers of the horse, and the direct connection it has to Mother Earth; the sun; moon; and stars, will be discussed. The workshop participants will learn how the horse's silent language and use of its super senses, help the participants to understand the natural laws of gravity: like how the rivers flow; and how the seasons change; This understanding gives people clear direction as they travel the four stages of life.

Since the horse is a right brain circular thinker, it sees and understands things in its silent language. Native people are right brain circular thinkers as well. As a society we have lost that connection, this workshop will reconnect and remind us using the "mirror concept" and "circular thinking" which states, what goes around, comes around and every action has a reaction. This workshop will address ways in which the horse can be a tool to heal our youth, families and communities.

Keynote speakers include Phillip Whiteman Jr. who is the Founder of the Medicine Wheel Model to Natural Horsemanship®, is a Cultural Consultant, Traditional Storyteller, Two Time Indian World Champion and Master Horseman, and Richard Two Dogs, Respected Elder, Historian and Wakan Iyeska (Interpreter of the Sacred) will be doing a presentation entitled "Sunka Wakan Ki Otakuye Heca Pi" - The Horse is Our Relative. In addition, an Introduction to Equine Therapy will be presented by Morris Brewer-Oglala Lakota, Equine Therapist.

The morning session is from 9 am to noon and will consist of presentations and keynote speakers The afternoon session is from 1 pm to 4 pm and will include a horse demonstration by Whiteman with his black & white overo stallion "Sioux Boy" and an untrained colt.

Anyone who works with children, families and horses should attend this workshop: Program Directors, Justice System, Tribal Council, Colleges, Social Workers, Providers, School Administrators, School Counselors, Teachers, Parents, Youth, Equine Therapists, etc. For more information or online registration or call Event Coordinator Lynette Two Bulls, Medicine Wheel Model at 406.477.8720, or email

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