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Your Weekly REZ Horoscope

September 15 - September 22

ARIES: MARCH 21 - APRIL 20 Aye what looks totally new and different could be the latest version of the same old thing. Ecun don't go after this just because it looks good; think twice before you commit to anything that involves money or love.

TAURUS: APRIL 21 - MAY 20 Ecun external pressure is making it hard to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Aye you can't stop - but it's always this way with you. Hunhi somebody needs to save you from yourself. Things would be easier if weren't such a masochist.

GEMINI: MAY 21 - JUNE 20 Houn after a long period of stress you feel like you can do anything. The uses of adversity never felt this good. Ecun you could even see yourself taking the big leap and taking off to pursue life on your own terms.

CANCER: JUNE 21 - JULY 20 Ecun you go between feeling totally exhausted to being lit up like a volcano. Wan surges of energy can be used to reorganize your life. Aye when there's nothing left, let yourself be dormant; take time to rest and recharge.

LEO: JULY 21 - AUGUST 20 Aye you may not like the idea of a white lie, but you're too street smart to think that it pays to be honest with dishonest people. Ecun don't put all your cards on the table until you know who you're dealing with.

VIRGO: AUGUST 21 - SEPTEMBER 20 Wan things have gotten really simple. Ecun after finally waking up to what you need, you realize that you just want to be able to take care of yourself in a way that supports both the inner and outer aspects of your life. LIBRA: SEPTEMBER 21 - OCTOBER 20 Ecun you can trust that what's about to happen is a good thing. Aye what's best for everyone may not fit your pictures of perfection. Houn if that's the case, know that this is a big lesson in knowing who's in control.

SCORPIO: OCTOBER 21 - NOVEMBER 20 Ecun quality and quantity are two different things. Aye if you've had enough of this, it's because something needs to be replenished; either that or you need to get real about the fact that it's time to move on.

SAGITTARIUS: NOVEMBER 21 - DECEMBER 20 Aye facing the truth beats not knowing what it is. Ecun you can't keep avoiding this and you can't make believe it's OK with you. Hunhi others are wasting your time in ways that make me wonder why you can't even see it.

CAPRICORN: DECEMBER 21 - JANUARY 20 Ecun don't limit yourself by staying too close to home. Wan the more you go away, the more interesting life gets. Wan aye taking off to study or teach, or short business trips will lead you to hook up with some very unusual people.

AQUARIUS: JANUARY 21 - FEBRUARY 20 Houn you can't figure out why you keep going back to the same person, place, or thing. Ecun whatever isn't there anymore may never have been there to begin with. Aye forget about finding support in anything that relates to the past.

PISCES: FEBRUARY 21 - MARCH 20 Aye don't worry about what people think. Ecun none of this would be a problem if you weren't so insecure. Hunhi you don't need to prove yourself to anyone in this situation. Just do what's right and be who you are.

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