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The Oglala Nation Fair and Pow-Wow kicked off Thursday

Pine Ridge - The Oglala Nation Fair and Pow-Wow kicked off Thursday, August 5, at 2:00 PM with the Youth Funday.

“These children are our future leaders, we should be setting an example that they will proud to follow, an example that we will be proud to see them follow,” said Michel Melvin, rodeo secretary, “I’m proud to be part of the Oglala Nation Fair, Pow wow and rodeo.”

The results of the activities held in the three age groups. Pee-Wee Stick Horse Barrels 1st Keira Gallego 2nd Natalia Swallow 3rd Kawliga Oldson 4th Jhett Knight Pee-Wee Stick Horse Poles 1st Keira Gallego 2nd Kaylee Lessert 3rd Jhett Knight 4th Kylie Jo Richards Pee-Wee Stick Horse Flag Race 1st Kawliga Oldson 2nd April Knight 3rd Aaliyah Banks Aldana 4th Wicahpi Banks Pee-Wee Barrel Race 1st Summer Romero 2nd Adriano Rama 3rd Brady Weston 4th Blair Henry Pee-Wee Pole Bending 1st Summer Romero 2nd Brady Weston 3rd Blair Henry 4th Kaylee Lessert Pee-Wee Flag Race 1st Adriano Rama 2nd Jules Ecoffey 3rd Jade Ecoffey 4th Blair Henry Junior Barrel Race 1st Kade Bettelyoun 2nd Gusti Terkilsen 3rd Jimi Dawn Swallow 4th Ale Rama Junior Pole Bending 1st Gusti Terkilsen 2nd Kade Bettelyoun 3rd Ale Rama 4th Blake Henry Junior Flag Race 1st Gusti Tedrkilsen 2nd Blake Henry 3rd Ale Rama 4th Jama Bourne Senior Barrel Race 1st Carlee DeWolfe 2nd Monica Tibbitts 3rd Renae Cournoyer 4th Brock Henry Senior Pole Bending Pow-Wow kicked off Thursday

1st Carlee DeWolfe 2nd Ranae Cournoyer 3rd Cody Ballhagen 4th Monica Tibbitts Senior Flag Race 1st Brock Henry Pee-Wee Pop Race 1st Brady Weston 2nd Adriano Rama 3rd Keira Gallego 4th Katie Lessert tie Kawliga Oldson Junior Pop Race 1st Matthew LaPlant 2nd Lante’ Wisecarver 3rd Ale Rama 4th Blake Henry Pee-Wee Watermelon Race 1st Brady Weston 2nd Keira Gallego 3rd Aaliyah Banks Aldana 4th Summer Romero Junior Watermelon Race 1st Cole Reddy 2nd Blake Henry 3rd Jana Bourne 4th Casey Miller Pee-Wee Boot Scramble 1st Jhet Knight 2nd Brady Weston 3rd Kawliga Oldson 4th Jada Romero Junior Boot Scramble 1st Lante’ Wisecarver 2nd Blake Henry 3rd Ali Rama 4th Tacoby Knight

The Youth Fun Rodeo committee would like to thank everyone who helped and all who sponsored events including: Dale James announcer, Donnel Ecoffey timer/recorder G.W. Ecoffey timer, Leslie Henry OLC, Nicole Witte, Monica Terkilsen, Josh Williams, George Ecoffey, Elliot Brewer, and Pine Ridge Fire Department, all arena help. Oglala Sioux Housing Authority, Paul Iron Cloud, Angie’s Burrito, Prairie Ranch Resort, Subway, Bobby and KaMook Ecoffey, Glen Barber, Gary Mitzel, Chris Glines, Isanti Construction- Diane, Lund and Associates, Reddy Mart, Pine Ridge Vision Center, O’Bryan Construction, Lakota Café, BJ’s Market, Sod’s Mechanical, Steve Hahn & Family, Murdock Electric, Bank of the West, Flintco, Sanford-Pioneer Services, Henry Family, Gilbert Ecoffey, Ernie and Liz Little Family, Pejuta Haka Horizons, and OST Youth Shelter. Without you we would not be able to make this event happen.

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