2011-10-26 / Headlines

Society for Advancement of Native interests Today (SANI-T) Schedules New Meetings

SANI-T announces changes for the ten-year old Native advocacy organization. The Board of Directors, Dowell Caselli-Smith, Josie Chase, Andrew Iron Shell, Cindy Lloyd and Laurette Pourier implement new directions on ways to advocate for Native Americans in western South Dakota. The Campaign to Unite a Community will continue community advocacy through strategizing meetings held monthly at 12:00 noon the last Friday of each month at St. Isaac Jogues coffee room. The public is invited and encouraged to join with us to continue discussing ways to reduce the unacceptable and persistently low rate of graduation for Native American high school students and the concurrent high levels of adjudication of Native American youth. The monthly meetings will also serve as advocacy meetings for people experiencing hate crimes and discrimination. SANI-T provides professional assistance for those seeking to resolve and move forward from the traumatic affects of racism through support and mediation.

SANI-T will soon roll out and offer a new curriculum for presentations and teaching units on Native American issues that can be contracted by schools and agencies seeking to promote cultural understanding and reconciliation. Call SANI-T at 605.593.6822 for questions or advocacy services.

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