2012-07-11 / The Holy Road

~Pablo Galindo, Jr.~

Pablo Galindo, Jr., 23, of Pine Ridge, SD passed away on June 30, 2012

Pablo attended school in Scottsbluff, NE; Ontario, OR, and Wolf Creek Elementary. Pablo received his G.E.D. Diploma in Omaha, NE and was planning on attending O.L.C. in the fall. Pablo was engaged to Ashley Moore with whom he had two children, Andilazya and Esperanza. Pablo was employed at Pizza Hut at the time of his passing. Pablo loved life and enjoyed being with his family and friends. Pablo was kind hearted and touched many lives in a positive way, he has left a hole in everyone’s heart that will never be filled.

Pablo is survived by his father, Pablo Galindo, Sr. of Scottsbluff, NE; mother, Lorna Galindo of Scottsbluff, NE; Fiancée, Ashley Moore; daughters, Andilazya Lynn and Esperanza Adel; Sisters, Lisa Alford and Anjelita Galindo; brothers, Jesus Galindo, John Brave Heart, and Alejandro Galindo; paternal grandparents, Jesus Galindo and Sahra Gonzales; maternal grandparents, Lorenzo Brave Heart, Violet (Little Hawk) Alford, Sarah Paredes Family, Mari Jilda Galindo Family, Mary Galdino Family, Lorie Brave Heart Family, Charlene Alford Family, Sharon Munoz Family, Carla Allen Family.; grandparents, Cecil and Leona Little Hawk, Stanley Little Hawk, Charles Little Hawk, Bessie Waters, and Many cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces, and nephews.

Pallbearers included: Manuel (Konio) Trevino, Jesus Galindo, Pablo S. Galindo, Michael Alford, Jared Alford, Gene Salazar, Roy Salazar, Cody Brave Heart, Santiago Aguilara, Jesus Martinez, Fredrico Perez, and Kyle Yaz Yankton.

Honorary pallbearers: Lorna & Pablo Galindo Sr., Violet Little Hawk-Alford Family, Lisa Alford, Anjelita Galindo, Jesus Galindo, John Brave Heart, Ashley Moore, Andilazya Gordon, Esperanza Galindo, Cassie Big Crow Family, Tim Big Crow, Stephanie Big Crow Family, Russell Alford Family, Julian Alford Family, Regina Alford Family, Travis Alford, Thomas Patton Family, Melissa Alford Family, Jared Alford Family, Nancy Nunez Family, Diana Nunez, Anjelica Galindo, Beronica Galindo, Antonio Aquilara, Anna Galindo, Miguel Galindo, Mary Galindo, Katherine Brewer, Kaelyn Brewer, Tiffanee Garnier, Tayza Brave Heart, Loretta Weston Family, Jane Rodriquez Family, Marlys Rabbit Family, Jean Two Two Family, Rebecca Runs Above Family, Mona Ann Little Hawk Family, Mona Lisa Little Hawk Family, Debbie Little Hawk, Bernadette Waters Family, Richard Little Hawk, Jr., Lois Waters Family, Gary Little Hawk Family, Sonia Weston Family, Simone Little Hawk Family, Frank Waters Family, Diane Little Hawk Family, Wesley Little Hawk Family, Connie Little Hawk Family, Angela Castro Family, Danny Rodriguez Family, Howard Little Hawk Family, Marvin Little Hawk Family, Delores Little Hawk Family, Cecil Little Hawk, Jr. Family, Susan Basurto Family, Lynette Waters Family, Annette Titus Family, Trevino Family, Sierra Family, Abraham Tobacco Family, Rita Long Visitor Family, Beatrice Long Visitor Family, June Brave Heart Family, Tuffy Sierra Family, Danielle Bagola Family, Deputy Trout, Alden Pumpkin Seed, Doris Pumpkin Seed Family, Virginia White Woman Family, Thelma Little Crow Family, Grace Little Crow Family, Pizza Hut Employees, Boice McFarland Family, Lupe Paredes, Esther Paredes, Adrian Paredes, Leo Paredes, and All Friends & Relatives

Friends: Kyle “Yaz” Yankton, Michael Alford, Jared Alford, Roy Salazar, Jr., Gene Salazar, Cody Brave Heart, Jesus Galindo, Leo Paredes, Pablo S. Galindo, Santiago Aguilara, Travis Alford, Julian Alford, John Red Hawk, Arnold Marquez, Fabian Garcia, Manuel (Konio) Trevino, John Two Bulls, Zachary Wietzel, Trenton Wietzel, Vicente Mata, Adrian Eagle Elk, Fredrico (Rico) Perez, Casey McLaughlin, Bill Reddy, Ty Reddy, Cole Reddy, Mike Becker, Kaleb Mills, Jesus Martinez, Gordon Hernandez, Leonard Gonzales, Joey Eagle Elk, Timothy (Red) Big Crow, Kristian (KD) Big Crow, Kyle Reddy, Kassel Little, Ron Little, Stanley Standing Bear, Beau Flying Hawk, James Black Bear, Little James McLaughlin, Jay Shriener, Thomas Brewer, Aaron Dreamer, Kelsie Twiss, Big John Looking Elk, Calvin Spider, Teener Whalen, Marvin Brings Plenty, Moreno Waters, Chuck Colhoff, Jason Two Bulls, Colton Bagola, Cody Two Bulls, Paul Pulliam, AJ Ladeaux, Rocky Two Bulls, Garnier Boys, Pony Petty Bone, Wambli Larson, Toka White Face, Steven Crane, Allen Stands, Jesus (Elmo) Gonzales, and All the Little Homies.

A two night wake service was held and funeral services were on Thursday, July 5, 2012 at the Wakpamni CAP Office in Pine Ridge, SD. Officiating: Rev. Abraham Tobacco and Rev. John Two Bulls. Burial: Advent Cemetery, Calico, SD.

Arrangements were entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD.

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