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Petition deadline for OST Election 2012 is Friday, 105 petitions out as of MondayChief judge packets released on Tuesday

By Tom Crash
Times Correspondent

PINE RIDGE - After two weeks, the OST Election Commission has passed out 105 nominating petition packets to tribal members interested in running for political office in the 2012 tribal election; there are now 14 petition packets for tribal president, six for vice president and 85 for tribal council positions across the Pine Ridge Reservation.

Donald Steele, Ryan Wilson, Wayne Weston and Barry Bettelyoun have taken petitions out for OST president and join six time tribal president Yellow

Bird Steele, past presidents Theresa Two Bulls, Wilbur Between Lodges and Harold Salway and Alice Perkins, Bryan Brewer, Elvyn Douglas Bissonette, Larry Swalley, Joann Spotted Bear and Denver American Horse.

Current OST vice president, Tom Poor Bear has been joined on the vice president list by Philip Good Crow, Myron Pourier! Alvin Slow Bear, Irene Red Cloud and Henny Whelan.

Three time tribal council representative from Wakpamni district has decided to take a much deserved break and not run for re-election to the council, at the present time, there are 85 petitions out for the nine districts across the Pine Ridge Reservation, the list includes:


Richard Shangreaux, Babe Poor Bear, Bruce Whelan, Bessie LeBeau, Gerald Big Crow, Lawrence "Larry" Eagle Bull, Lyle Jack, Irving Provost Sr., John Mousseau, Robin Tapio, James Mesteth, Patrick Brewer, Gary Janis, Marilyn Winters, Ella John Carlow and Lloyd Goings.


Pete Swiftbird, Gilbert Bad Wound, Seymore Young Dog, Ricky Grey Grass, Thomas Bring, Arlene Catches the Enemy, Debbie Blue Bird, Jacqueline Siers, Walt Big Crow, Dan Rodriguez and Tom Conroy.


Albert Janis, James Toby Big Boy, Denise King-Red Owl, Stanley Little White Man, Austin Watkins, Bernie Shot with Arrow and Juanita Scherick.


Marian White Mouse, Mavis Wilcox, Jim Meeks, Floyd Wilcox, Ruth Brown, Larry Romero Sr. and Colleen Bettelyoun.


Aaron Desersa, Kevin Yellow Bird Steele, Anita Ecoffey, Garfield Steele, Philip Jumping Eagle, Garfield Apple, Paul Pawnee Leggings and Phyllis Hollow Horn.


Charles Cummings, Richard Cottier, Craig Dillon, Donn Fire Thunder, Adam Michael Black Eyes, Wanda Johnson and Hermus Bettelyoun.


Darvis Weston, Danielle LeBeau, Cameron Young Bear, Patrick Ross, Gary Lays Bad, James Twiss, Scott Weston, Beverly Tuttle and Wally Jealous.


Ron Duke, Lucy Cottier, Elaine Martinez, James Cross, Dorothy Thunder Bull, Albert Salomon, Lydia Bear Killer and Susan Big Crow Thunder Bull.


Barbra Dull Knife, Floyd Brings Plenty, Arlette Loud Hawk-Blacksmith, Will Garnier, Avis Blacksmith, Robert Benson and Valerie Kills Small Janis.

The deadline for returning completed petitions is Friday, August 31 at 4:30pm. For additional information, the election office is located in the old SuAnne Center just west of the OST commodity warehouse in Pine Ridge and can be reached by calling 867-2769, the fax is 867- 2779. All supporting documents such as enrollment, background checks or hair follicle drug tests need to be in by September 5.

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