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Ben Harper in Lakota Country

By Walt Pourier

Pine Ridge, SD -Such a great trip for the Stronghold Society with Ben Harper to Pine Ridge South Dakota, Lakota Country and the WK4-Directions Skatepark... we are sooo looking forward to things to come... big plans ahead for some more powerful movements together, the Lakota Youth had a blast... honored, humbled.... grateful for his support.

Ben Harper, legendary blues, reggae musician and skateboarder is also part of the Tony Hawk Foundation Board of Directors and he personally donated to help the THF help us build the WK4-Directions Skatepark on the Pine Ridge reservation.

The Stronghold Society’s Rockers4REZskateparks program was created to give the music industry a unique opportunity to help support our nonprofit efforts in building world class skateparks on Native American Reservations across this country where native youth are facing many hardships, by supporting this Live Life Call to Action Campaign, you will help encourage youth to find hope and ambition to live a healthy life in mind, body and spirit. Skateboarding has many benefits: it builds self-confidence and self-esteem; encourages individuality and creativity; teaches social skills and respect for others; and brings communities together.

We successfully built our first skatepark on the Pine Ridge (Oglala Lakota) Reservation in South Dakota with the help of Grindline Skateparks, Jeff Ament and Pearl Jam, VANs Off The Wall and the Tony Hawk Foundation and 2 of the THF Board Members, Chris Saaca and BEN HARPER.

WE have many more to build across Native Country… check it out SUPPORT OUR PROGRAMS to make a difference in the lives of another!

Wopila tanka.

Please call or email to see how you can support this Stronghold Society outreach effort 303-255-1730 or email

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