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Qualified School Administrators Begins To Thin

The School Administrators of South Dakota acknowledge that not only is there a shortage of qualified teachers in the state, but that the ranks of school administrators are beginning to thin as well. Helping build the capacity of additional administrators in the state, SASD is taking into their own hands a plan to help rebuild the administrative pipeline.

“We certainly don’t have a crystal ball, but we can see that the numbers of administrators that are available when a position opens is not what it was 5 or 10 years ago. Our hope is to provide a no interest loan to an administrator who is looking to advance their degree, or to a teacher who may be looking to enter the administrative ranks.” Nick Gottlob, Elementary Principal from Spearfish and current SASD President. “We don’t have an infinite amount of money, but we feel we can provide a few loans up to $2,500 for a few different individuals each year.”

Each spring, SASD in cooperation with the Midwest Alliance of Professional Learning and Leadership (MAPLE) puts on an event called Aspiring School Leaders. This event brings together 30 classroom teachers who have been nominated by an administrator for showing leadership qualities. One of the goals SASD has is to help a few of those that have been identified attain that next level with a little financial assistance.

The organization will make the application process, and other information that is needed available through its members in each of the school districts in South Dakota. The plan is for the loans to be available for both the spring and fall semesters and that the money will be available on a revolving basis. “Our Executive Board was looking for a way to leverage our dollars in a way that would benefit our members, and our profession. They truly felt that by building capacity, it would put our profession in a better position to help South Dakota’s most important resource; our students.” Rob Monson, Executive Director of SASD.

School Administrators of South Dakota (SASD) is a professional membership organization whose mission is to promote quality education in South Dakota. SASD is an umbrella organization comprised of business managers, elementary and high school principals, curriculum and special education directors, and school superintendents. SASD has membership in 150+ school district in South Dakota.

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