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Kyle Pow Wow Goes Green


KYLE—The upcoming 31st Annual Kiyaksa Omaka Teca Wacipi

Oiyaye committee is putting out a challenge to dancers, singers and spectators alike to “go green”.

Through a collaboration with Generations Indigenous Ways (GIW), the committee is encouraging everyone to bring their own reusable dishes and utensils to this year’s event. GIW will sponsor a raffle for participants that bring their own reusable dishware.

“In the past, our Lakota ancestors were aware of their surroundings and the importance of keeping a harmonious balance between themselves and Unci Maka (Mother Earth). There was no trail of waste when they moved camp. We believe that Earth is our mother and she is sacred and alive. It is our responsibility as humans to take care of Unci Maka, because she the ultimate provider for the human race,” stated Helene Gaddie, Director of Generations Indigenous Ways.

Generations Indigenous Ways is leading the way in merging traditional practices with modern life by promoting responsible waste management concepts: The Four R’s (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, and adding a fourth R for Respect). The goal of this project is to implement Four R’s in the communities on the Pine Ridge Reservation to help restore homeostasis for Unci Maka.

Gaddie notes that youth participants and mentors of GIW programming will carry out the “Leave Without A Trace” project at the powwow.

“We will accomplish this by implementing education and methods on the importance of recycling, educating the Lakota Oyate about the Four R’s. We will also have recycling stations and educational tools for recycling throughout the gymnasium,” added Gaddie.

The two-day contest powwow is scheduled for February 18th and 19th at the Ed Young Man Afraid of His Horses Gymnasium – Little Wound High School, in Kyle, SD.

The event will include an Elder honoring, Buffalo Dance exhibition, two Men’s Traditional specials, an Open Grass Dance special and Clown Dance contest. Evening meals will be provided.

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