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OST Committed To Oceti Sakowin Power Authority


PINE RIDGE - Using land lease income from land purchased by the Land Buy Back program, OST has committed $800,000 a year for five years to be used as collateral for a $10 million Oceti Sakowin Power Authority loan from the Native American Bank and CoBank to support wind farm development by a vote of 14- 1-1.

The 25 year project will create 400 construction jobs and 40 full time jobs once the wind farm is up. The Power Authority has looked at sites in Yellow Bear, Cuny Table and north of Potato Creek. In addition to Oglala, OSPA is looking at Cheyenne River, Standing Rock and Rosebud helping to provide the collateral.

Voting 12-4, the council ratified the apportionment of $5,000 per tribal council representative from the district allocation account to be controlled by the treasurers office through the representative or monitor; voted 16-0 that $5,000 be distributed to each district from the Prairie Wind Casino district allocation account to be utilized for district Pow wows or assistance to district members.

Council approved the contract between the OST, the ICWA program and Dana Hanna to represent the tribe in Indian Child Welfare Act cases in Pennington County.

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