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Her Many Horses To Lead OSTDPS


The Oglala Sioux Tribe council voted 15-3 in favor of Grace Her Many Horses to lead the OST Department of Public Safety.. The Oglala Sioux Tribe council voted 15-3 in favor of Grace Her Many Horses to lead the OST Department of Public Safety.. OGLALA — Thursday, during the third day of the tribal council’s regular session for August held at the Prairie Wind Casino hotel conference room, the council voted 15-3 in favor of Grace Her Many Horses over Glen Gibbons and Joseph Wicks to be the new chief of police for the OST Department of Public Safety. With a vote of 19- 0, the council formally approved of the selection, the new chief is set to start September 20.

A total of 14 individuals applied for the position, three were found to be qualified and each were invited to be interviewed. Her Many Horses will become the sixth chief of police over the past three years. Her Many Horses is a member of the Oglala Sioux Tribe, grew up in Rosebud, she currently works for the Three Affiliated Tribes in North Dakota and has been director of criminal investigation at both Rocky Boy and Rosebud and chief of police in Rosebud.

According to the resolution, the chief of police serves as the executive officer of the department of public safety, supervises all law enforcement personnel, responsible for the management and supervision of the daily operation of the department. The chief works under the supervision of the executive director and is subject to the oversight of the council’s law and order committee.

In order to rectify incorrect number problems with 17-126, the council voted 16-0 to rescind 17-126; after further discussion including more details of providing $800,000 from annual lease income from land purchased through the Land Buy Back program to be used as collateral in a $10 million loan fund to finance the development of a wind farm through the Oceti Sakowin Power Authority, the council voted 9-3 with three not voting in favor. Both Rosebud and Cheyenne River are putting in $3 million each while the OST is providing $800,000 in collateral each year for five years.

OST executive director Tiger Brown Bull has resigned, the council presented him with a tribal satin star quilt and an honor song; the council voted 15-0 to appoint Dean Patton as interim executive director while the position is advertised.

Bill Pourier, Prairie Wind Casino general manager, presented a design package for a new hotel with a possible water park that was presented to Shakopee, council approved package 15-0.

After reviewing a resolution to issue bonds to re-finance the $13.5 million loan from Skakopee used to build the OST nursing home, the council voted 13-4 in favor. The bonds would be at an interest rate less that the current 6.5%, would include $2.5 million to pay the tribe back for the additional money invested in the nursing home, provide money for adding an additional wing, a total of $22 million over a 20 year period.

The council tabled several proposed actions including establishing an annual Oglala Lakota Hall of Fame induction ceremony; resolutions to Oglala North, Manderson, Sharps Corner community water system upgrades right of way and delegating authority for signature of right of way and business lease authority for Wounded Knee lagoons, access roads, sewer main and sewer service lines and a resolution that established a penalty schedule for missing council meetings and council committee meetings and amending the tribe’s personnel policies and procedures manual.

The council voted 15-0 to request making the hospital in Pine Ridge the “Arta E. Carlow Memorial hospital and voted 15-0-1 to put a plaque in the hospital honoring all of the health board members who helped bring Pine Ridge’s new hospital to Pine Ridge.

The council voted 16-0 to pursue the USDA Socially Disadvantaged Group Grant(SDGG), voted 14-0-1 in favor of an ordinance approving and accepting the Federal Transit Administration’s FY 2017 Public Transportation on Indian Reservation Formula Apportionment of $769,626 with an approved 10% IDC rate; voted 17-0 authorizing the tribal president to oversee an investigation into seismic testing in the Black Hills and its potential impact on treaty lands; voted 15-0 approving the last Saturday of July as a day of remembering Crazy Horse but not as a paid tribal holiday.

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