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Seek The Truth


September has not always been my fondest month of the year, but I do like the change, and the colors are beautiful. School has started and now there will be lots of football. The summer is coming to an end and I think I will have to deal with one more year moving leaves.

I think my life is due for changes as I ponder living so far away from my family and my friends. I struggle because of me and no one else; I want to take my life and make a difference for humanity. Last week was difficult because I was homesick. I believe I do not belong here but it is the best place for me because I am working on my life.

I was out for dinner at the Asian Bistro or PF Chang and we made a stop after and I opened my door and this woman drives up by like a gangster or a boss. I went into the convenient store and she was behind me. She knew I was Lakota but wanted to know my tribe. She told me her husband was Lakota Sioux and a war veteran. He fought in the Iraq war and was dealing with PTSD and they bought a house and will be having a party in two weeks. I gave her my number and she texted me. I thought it was amazing because just when the night is complete and it is dark, God gives you the light. Now we have another Lakota friend and I want to hang out.

Many people ask me how I like PA and I do not really like it but the people are awesome. I have a friend who is the grandson of the owner of the sixers when Dr. J and Moses Malone played here and won a championship. I have visited a few museums and took some great photos but my yearning is to be around people. I have great friends and family and I want to get back there as soon as I can. I hope to complete some things in my life and as hard as it has been this week, I actually finished three paragraphs.

More next week but remember to seek the truth.

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