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Locals Assisted In Brewer Shooting: Charging Docs Shine Light On Conspiracy


PINE RIDGE — On October 16, 2018, members of a well-known Denver street gang travelled to Rapid City and then the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation where they were assisted by locals in locating a murdering Vinny Brewer III, according to newly released charging documents.

On Thursday, the United States Attorney’s Office filed charging documents against four more men who they say planned and carried out a shooting that resulted in the death of Brewer and left a community traumatized.

Four charges were levied against Myles Jacob Tuttle (a tribal-citizen), and two Denver residents, Francisco Villanueva and Adam James Corona.

The two defendants rom Denver allegedly drove from Denver, CO, on October 16, 2017, to Rapid City where they met up with Tuttle. The group travelling from Denver was accompanied by more unnamed thugs who rendezvoused with Tuttle. The group would then travel down to Pine Ridge in two separate vehicles. Once they arrived in Pine Ridge they did not immediately know where Brewer was located. They would recruit help from people already in Pine Ridge who led them to a basketball tournament taking place at the Su Anne Big Crow Center just east of Pine Ridge.

There they would confront Brewer while he was exiting a vehicle with others who ran inside the building. Brewer was then attacked by the group who assaulted him and attempted to kidnap him by shoving him in a vehicle. Brewer managed to escape and begin to run away but he was immediately gunned down.

The charging documents assert that the shooting was a result of a drug-debt. Family members of Brewer have vehemently denied this assertion. Family members of Brewer have stated that the reasons that Brewer was shot were more “complex” and multi-layered than federal law enforcement authorities have asserted.

The four defendants have been charged with First Degree Premeditated Murder, Conspiracy to Commit Assault with a Deadly Weapon, and Kidnapping Charges. Tuttle was also charged with aiding and abetting the escape of his codefendants.

The maximum penalty for first degree premeditated murder is life in prison or the possibility of the death penalty.

There were several names not included in the charging document. This includes the other people who rode in vehicle from Denver that was loaded with guns. Those picked up in Pine Ridge who helped the assailants find Brewer were also not named.

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