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December Is A Great Month


I have two granddaughters and they were this month and of course the Celebration of My Lord and Savior’s birth. Plus, the longest night of the year and then we start to get more light after the solstice.

I have great memories of Christmas and the traditions we began with our children. I admit my own childhood was different. My mom would allow us to open one present on Christmas Eve and then the rest in the morning. We would celebrate Christmas gifts when they woke me up and then it was great to watch the children make a mess of the living room.

My greatest memory was when a family helped ours and I received double gifts because they thought Leon and Barry were two different people. I was very excited. it happened because when they asked our names my mother told them Leon, but she kept talking about Barry. She called me Barry, so I was able to get double gifts one year.

My life has changed as life should because we grow older and our children grow up and start their own families. I am proud of my children. I have been seeking to find life as a gift because at one time I thought it was a great gift to die for a person I loved. But now I feel like it is more important to live for a loved one. I am seeking to take my vitamins and say my prayers because I want to see my grandchildren start their own families. It is like the “Circle of Life” in the Lion King and we can learn from the Animal Kingdom. This year we will not celebrate Christmas in our home, but we will be with friends who need a place to celebrate. I think it will be great because there are people that do not have close family. This year it will be a great celebration.

I have a new job and I am very excited because we have a pizza oven. That was my wish. I love pizza and I know how to make a great pizza pie. I can make other things as well and I can follow recipes so I am really excited to start a new job. I have not been cooking professionally since June, but I am ready to start my new opportunity and get back to my passion.

I wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and I will hopefully be seeing my Sister/Cousin from Phoenix for New Years. I have encouraged people to visit and I enjoyed my daughter coming out and we fed her lots of food. Then of course of my favorite band, Scatter their Own came a couple times and it was great to visit relatives from back home. I believe the Holidays are all about family and we need to cherish the moment. I am hoping to get back to New York to see the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center in the greatest city in the world. I hope you get all the gifts you desire but I hope you give the gift of Life more than anything.

I will be sharing lots of Off The Rez Ramblings in the coming weeks.

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