2017-12-28 / Voices

A Stroll In Central Park


It is going to be a great New Years in 2018 and I hope you are planning to enjoy great memories. I have had a good year but I think greater things are going to happen in 2018. Life can seem difficult but I like to hear the positive things of life. I woke up today and that is a blessing every day. I enjoy seeing people enjoy life and staying positive. I work with a young man who sings and sometimes always seems to be talking. He had a tough life and was shot a couple times while growing up in the inner city of Philadelphia but I see him working very hard and talks about grinding or going to work every day and making money. He does promotional parties and is working after work as well. I think of the people who take lemons and makes lemonade. He talks about his three sons and wants them to stay in school and go to college. I enjoy when I can go to work and see positive people.

I have been working in a scratch made kitchen and I enjoy learning how people develop their own recipes. I am looking forward to making some of my own food but I am developing my prep work because I need to get faster when it comes to the kitchen. I have seen some restaurants basically warm up frozen foods and only go to a couple restaurants. I like when cooks make the food rather than pull things out of a freezer. So yes I am enjoying my job and making some good food and hope to use the skills I am developing while I am here on the east coast.

While I am on the east coast I have met many people but I am learning my environment and understand that my life was turned upside down and should be in counseling. It is funny that so many people try to figure me out and they really cannot understand me. I grew up in the inner city of Denver and for most of my teen years I was in Pine Ridge. In my early 20s to 30 I was in Minnesota going to college but my home was always Pine Ridge. Then when I was forty nine I moved to the east coast and was culturally shocked because of the way people are here. I am hoping to make the best of my time here and know that I have grown in my world view. I enjoy movies and meeting people and trying different foods and restaurants.

My desire is to move west at some point but I need to finish my short term goals but I hope to start a new ministry or organization to help Native America. We have started to plan what and how we hope to impact Native America. I am hoping to be back in Denver and I believe we hope to cook and grow a work that will help our people. We have over thirty thousand American Indians living in the metro area and I believe we need to develop more opportunities for them. It is amazing that there are not many organizations that are helping indigenous people in our cities. My desire is to develop an organization that will impact the life and culture of the first peoples.

My personal goals are to continue to get healthy and keep active in my life. I love to walk but mostly in the cities because I love to be around people. I would like to write my second book and see what happens as I share my experiences with the outside world. I want to be closer to my children because I want to be around my grandchildren and watch them grow and become adults. Christmas great as I finally made it back to New York City and enjoyed walking and just being around people. I went in to Trump Towers because I wanted to understand where people protest against the President. I am not a fan but it is important to get the context. I enjoyed seeing central park and just walking around the greatest city in the world. Happy New Years!!!

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